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Improved customer experience and time savings with a digital mailroom 

Find out how a leading financial service firm completely digitised their mailroom resulting in an improved customer experience, organisation wide efficiencies and huge time savings.

Finance automation solutions | Financial services firm case study

Project at a glance

Challenge we helped to solve:

A leading financial service firm received over 100,000 items of incoming mail monthly, this mail arrived in various formats and had to be manually logged and routed to the appropriate case worker. The process was time consuming and costly, often resulting in manual errors. 

Solution delivered:

Inpute worked closely with the client to deliver a specialised solution for their digital mailroom needs, The team leveraged expertise in robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent capture, workflow and document management on this project.

Solution for:

Capabilities deployed:

Business results we delivered:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced operational costs associated with processing 100,000 inbound communications a month
  • Full compliance with data protection laws in particular GDPR
  • Full auditing and reporting capabilities
    Secure remote access to documents 
Robotic process automation (RPA) for finance

“The Inpute team were diligent with the discovery process and really understood our needs to deliver an intelligent digital mailroom solution. The solution has enabled us to achieve organisation efficiencies and improve our customer experience. Most importantly the solution ensures full compliance with GDPR regulations.”

IT manager

Leading financial services company


Manually sorting large volumes of incoming mail was putting pressure on resources

Firms in the financial service sector see massive amounts of sensitive data entering their post room and email inbox every day, in many different formats. Manually sorting these large volumes of incoming mail and routing it to the correct departments often puts pressure on the operational efficiency of organisations. This leaves less time to focus on customers and can often increase the risk of data being lost or exposed in the process.

A leading financial service firm recently sought Inpute’s help in automating this long and tedious process. With the use of WorkStream, Inpute was able to help them digitise and streamline their mailroom by automating the storage and routing of inbound mail. The Inpute team worked closely with the business, reviewed how post and emails were processed to understand how these workflows could be optimised. Once the processes were identified and redesigned, the team implemented a workflow process that set out how the mailroom would be digitised and then set the robots to work. 


All document and workflow actions are automatically filed, audited and stored for future retrieval

Once received, all documents are scanned/imported to the system and converted to a searchable pdf document. These documents are then automatically classified and indexed using intelligent OCR (optical character recognition).

All documents are then exported to a cloud based document management system meaning caseworkers can access all documents when working remotely. All documents and workflow actions undertaken are filed, audited and stored for future retrieval.

The RPA workflow will then kick off, notifying relevant users and departments by email that documents or workflow cases have been assigned to them. The email contains a direct link to the document or workflow case for each user to action.

Workstream RPA - Digital Mailroom (transparent)

Key features of the solution include:

  • Intelligent capture of structured and unstructured documents
  • Classification using template library to identify and extract data
  • Workflow process for secure and reliable circulation within an organisation
  • Archiving for secure storage & rapid retrieval using a web-based interface
  • Compliance rules enforces consistent & accountable business practices

Difference we delivered

The digital mailroom created inbound document processing benefits for both the organisation and the customers. Instead of devoting valuable worker time to reviewing incoming forms, invoices and other documents, the system intelligently routes it to the correct case worker. This fully automated digital mailroom has revolutionised the client’s organisational efficiency, reducing labour costs and delivering accurate results, faster.

Key results delivered in this project include:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced operational costs associated with processing 100,000 inbound communications a month
  • Full compliance with data protection laws in particular GDPR
  • Full auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Secure remote access to documents

“This digital mailroom solution powered by Workstream deploys intelligent ‘bots’. Once a user corrects any exceptions in the process the RPA engine will learn from the exception, this means less human intervention in the process.”

Thierry Fierens

Head of Innovation, Inpute