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Choose from the leader in intelligent document processing and process mining technologies. ABBYY’s expansive artificial intelligence capabilities allow our experts to build solutions that deliver measurable impacts.


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Our relationship with ABBYY allows our strategic consultants to build intelligent automation solutions that make sense for your business.

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"Being the market leader, ABBYY offers a comprehensive and proven Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) portfolio. We value our partnership with Inpute who add deep product and market know-how to help drive successful business outcomes for our joint customers."

Ulf Persson

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ABBYY’s diverse offerings give our consultants the flexibility to select best-fit products and tailor them to each organisation’s unique needs. With products that offer process mining, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, intelligent character recognition and mobile capture capabilities, our experts have the flexibility to create powerful solutions that do exactly what you need.


ABBYY’s Vantage platform is equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities to process all kinds of data, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured information. As the platform processes more data and has its work validated by human review, Vantage becomes smarter at doing its job, improving its efficiency while requiring less support from your people.


Accurately capture data from any type of document—regardless of complexity of the size of the job. FlexiCapture brings together natural language processing, machine learning and other intelligent capture capabilities to improve speed, efficiency and compliance of data capture while reducing costs, even at scale.


Uncover real-time insights to improve how your systems work. Timeline uses business process mining to analyse operations, identify inefficiencies, and uncover root causes. Our consultants use Timeline’s intelligent automation to identify workflow bottlenecks and streamline future operations for better performance and smarter process management.

Automated capture of 250k multilingual invoices annually

Discover how we made it easier for a US headquartered multinational to manage and monitor invoicing, regardless of location or language. With our tailored intelligent automation solutions, we delivered process efficiencies, resource savings and streamlined the accounts payable process.

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