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“The specification write-up, analysis and documentation from Inpute was excellent. The system is very good. We’ve had to do some modifications along the way for minor things and Inpute were very responsive to our needs.”
Billy Boland
Payroll Systems Development Manager, ESB
“The specification write-up, analysis and documentation from Inpute was excellent. The system is very good. We’ve had to do some modifications along the way for minor things and Inpute were very responsive to our needs.”
Billy Boland
Payroll Systems Development Manager, ESB
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Automated HR solutions
for efficiency and consistency

Your HR team is pulled in many directions and it can be a challenge to keep on top of the daily workload, while also leading organisational change. Let us turn your human resources department into a catalyst for improved performance and productivity.

Our HR solutions automate and enhance key administrative processes ranging from employee onboarding to records management. And the better your human resources department works, the more your organisation can achieve.

Case management

A modern case management solution allows a company to seamlessly collect and organise customer service interactions that happen on any channel. Our case management systems make it easy for your people to track each case to resolution with a complete view of all the information they need to complete their work.

Using our technology, you can process claims and other customer-facing activities in a single platform, helping your people to manage cases more effectively and make better business decisions.

Key benefits
  • Increased user productivity, freeing up your people
  • Automated case routing and personalised self-service leading to quicker resolutions
  • End-to-end monitoring and transparency in a single dashboard

Contract management

Manage the full contract lifecycle for your vendors, clients or employees using our contract management solution. By integrating eSignatures, we can help to further accelerate the signing process for all your critical documentation.

Our automated tools help you manage contracts from initial request to expiration and renewal, making it easy to manage these relationships at a lower administrative cost. Turn this administrative task into a value-added capability. 

Key benefits
  • Automated contract routing with ability to sign via secure e-signature
  • End-to-end monitoring and transparency of contract status to remove bottlenecks
  • Automated notifications and actions when contracts are due to expire

Employee onboarding

Get new hires onboarded and up to speed faster, while fully equipping them to succeed in their roles. Our employee onboarding solution creates efficient HR workflows that can be customised for any employee role.

Automate hiring and onboarding to reduce the burden on your HR department, and ensure contracts are signed and necessary training completed through end-to-end monitoring. Set up today’s new employees for long-term success.

Key benefits
  • Speed up the onboarding process through automated workflows
  • Starts new hires off on the right foot during the critical orientation phase
  • Reduce costs for your HR team by automating repetitive tasks

Policies and procedures

From compliance requirements to internal business standards, we help document and manage your company’s policies and procedures over time.

Document and retrieve policy memos and other communications to build a comprehensive view of how your company policies have evolved over time. 

Key benefits
  • Quickly update company policies and push announcements to all of your people
  • Collect and track employee acknowledgements
  • Automatically route noncompliance issues for review

Records management

Centralised records management consolidates business data to facilitate easier access and reduce the time and expense of tracking down documents and other information.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing IT environment and create one single repository for content, across multiple departments and functions. We make it easy to get records into the hands of the right people—while also supporting compliance through secure storage and streamlined auditing.

Key benefits
  • Centralised document storage with enhanced GDPR and security compliance
  • Provides multi-user, version controlled access to up-to-date records which are version controlled
  • Eliminates physical storage costs and time wasted searching for information

Timesheet automation

Simplify timesheet submissions for your employees—and streamline reviews and approvals for your payroll department. Timesheet automation eliminates manual data entry as a daily task for your people.

Our time sheet solution facilitates faster processing times and reduces the workload for your payroll department.

Key benefits
  • Eliminate manual data entry for every employee
  • Faster payroll processing
  • Reduce the potential for under/over payment of employees

Brenda Berrett

“Human resources touches on every other department—which is why these activities must be streamlined and harmonised with other processes. An optimised, efficient HR program helps everyone work faster, smarter, and safer.”

Brenda Barrett


HR Automation Expert, Inpute

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HR automation that helps you get in the zone

We don’t just want to raise the ceiling for your organisation’s performance. We want to make it easy to reach your full potential. A flow state is achieved when optimised performance feels effortless. This is what we create within organisations, allowing your people to operate at the edge of their capabilities.

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Automating timesheet capture process for over 2,500 employees

in the ESB

“The system is very good. We’ve had to do some modifications along the way for minor things and Inpute responded to that very well.”

Billy Boland | Payroll Systems Manager
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Technology partners we work with to automate HR

Support your HR department with tailored solutions that make it easy to work at your best. Our experts work with a number of trusted brands to help your organisation find the technologies that make sense for your HR needs. Find out how our strategic consultants can unlock your HR department’s full potential.

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