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Never spend time searching for a misplaced document. Our DocuWare partnership gives your organisation access to powerful document repository and workflow tools that optimise the full document lifecycle.

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As the official DocuWare partner in Ireland and the UK, we deliver document management and workflow solutions that help your people reach their full potential.

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“There is a big saving in terms of the processing time by the accounts payable team. They are freer to focus on more value-added work elsewhere in the business.”

Bill Priemer
President and CEO of Hyland Software

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Traditional document management using network folder systems can paralyse an organisation with inefficiencies and workflow disruptions. Lost or misplaced documents, limited accessibility and inconsistent compliance are just a few of the ways organisations suffer from lost productivity and increased costs. DocuWare’s automated document management technology is built for modern organisations, reducing the time your people spend organising, managing and searching for key information while supporting remote work and performance at scale.


Spare your talented people the burden of handling manual data entry and other menial tasks. As a DocuWare partner, our experts tailor the platform’s vast document management capabilities to automate workflows, improve security and compliance, and give your people the extra tools and time to excel in their roles.

DocuWare Cloud

Centralize document and information management through a fast, efficient and flexible cloud platform. DocuWare Cloud delivers scalable document management that fits into any existing IT system. With comprehensive document management capabilities and minimal maintenance demands, your people can work from anywhere with ease.
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50% reduction in invoice processing time

We worked closely with Montgomery Transport Group to deliver a seamless accounts payable solution using our data capture, workflow and document management expertise. Find out how our intelligent automation delivered resource savings, reduction in processing time and a more efficient reporting process for Montgomery.

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