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Modern organisations are facing a flood of inbound digital documents and communications. Minimise the time your people spend organising, managing and searching for key information by leveraging our powerful document management solutions.

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Why document management?

Typical network folder systems can create major problems for organisations as the volume of documentation increases. Searching for key information can become incredibly inefficient, increasing the risk of data inaccuracies as well as data loss resulting from misplaced documents. As these small missteps accumulate, they create a collective drain on your organisation’s efficiency and performance.

Our document management solutions are designed to help your organisation work better by classifying information efficiently based on document type and source. Our experts help you integrate the right document management technology, enhancing your internal processes and increasing your operational efficiency—all while upgrading data security and improving regulatory compliance.

Document management solutions we've delivered

Our tailored document management solutions make it easy to manage and store most types of paper or digital asset. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing IT environment and create one single repository for content across multiple departments and functions.

Capabilites & solutions

Anti-money laundering

Capture and securely store required documentation to validate transactions and stay in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. 

When financial institutions require documentation and ID verification for business transactions, we quickly provide these assets through secure storage and retrieval of this sensitive information.

Key benefits
  • Protection against money laundering and other forms of fraud
  • Improved compliance
  • Avoidance of transaction and shipping delays for customers
Capabilites & solutions

Case management

A modern case management solution allows a company to seamlessly collect and organise customer service interactions that happen on any channel. Our case management systems make it easy for your people to track each case to resolution with a complete view of all the information they need to complete their work.

Using our technology, you can process claims and other customer-facing activities in a single platform, helping your people to manage cases more effectively and make better business decisions.

Key benefits
  • Increased user productivity, freeing up your people
  • Automated case routing and personalised self-service leading to quicker resolutions
  • End-to-end monitoring and transparency in a single dashboard
Capabilites & solutions

Client onboarding

Start new client relationships off on the right foot. Our client onboarding solution combines our workflow capabilities with intelligent document management so both you and the client can get to work faster.

From eSignature gathering to centralised document storage, our accelerated client onboarding process will remind clients why they made the right choice with your business.

Key benefits
  • Automated onboarding to accelerate time-to-value
  • Secure collection and storage of sensitive client assets
  • A better overall customer experience
Capabilites & solutions

Contract management

Manage the full contract lifecycle for your vendors, clients or employees using our contract management solution. By integrating eSignatures, we can help to further accelerate the signing process for all your critical documentation.

Our automated tools help you manage contracts from initial request to expiration and renewal, making it easy to manage these relationships at a lower administrative cost. Turn this administrative task into a value-added capability. 

Key benefits
  • Automated contract routing with ability to sign via secure e-signature
  • End-to-end monitoring and transparency of contract status to remove bottlenecks
  • Automated notifications and actions when contracts are due to expire
Capabilites & solutions

Customs & tax compliance

Ensure customs and tax compliance, even across borders. We help minimise business disruptions resulting from tax audits and other regulatory activity.

Our automation solution uses business rules to accurately capture and store critical data according to your unique compliance requirements and across multiple jurisdictions.

Key benefits
  • Reduced risks related to tax and customs non-compliance
  • Streamlined audit process
  • Improved confidence in your organisation’s regulatory compliance
Capabilites & solutions

Digital mailroom

Centralise postal mail, email, fax and other communications into a single digital location regardless of physical location.

Our digital mailroom solution uses intelligent automation to route communications to the appropriate individuals and departments. No more emails getting lost in individuals’ mailboxes.

Key benefits
  • Digital records of physical mail assets
  • Consolidated communication histories for clients and vendors
  • Faster routing of internal communications
Capabilites & solutions

Employee onboarding

Get new hires onboarded and up to speed faster, while fully equipping them to succeed in their roles. Our employee onboarding solution creates efficient HR workflows that can be customised for any employee role.

Automate hiring and onboarding to reduce the burden on your HR department, and ensure contracts are signed and necessary training completed through end-to-end monitoring. Set up today’s new employees for long-term success.

Key benefits
  • Speed up the onboarding process through automated workflows
  • Starts new hires off on the right foot during the critical orientation phase
  • Reduce costs for your HR team by automating repetitive tasks
Capabilites & solutions

Policies and procedures

From compliance requirements to internal business standards, we help document and manage your company’s policies and procedures over time.

Document and retrieve policy memos and other communications to build a comprehensive view of how your company policies have evolved over time. 

Key benefits
  • Quickly update company policies and push announcements to all of your people
  • Collect and track employee acknowledgements
  • Automatically route noncompliance issues for review
Capabilites & solutions

Records management

Centralised records management consolidates business data to facilitate easier access and reduce the time and expense of tracking down documents and other information.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing IT environment creating a single repository for content, across multiple departments. Easily get records into the hands of the right people—while also supporting compliance through secure storage and streamlined auditing.

Key benefits
  • Centralised document storage with enhanced GDPR and security compliance
  • Provides multi-user, version controlled access to up-to-date records
  • Eliminates physical storage costs and time wasted searching for information

Document management helps your business work better

The average employee spends 60 percent of their time dealing with documents. This includes time spent combing through paperwork to locate important data, or searching for missing documents which can be siloed in individual mailboxes and storage locations. Organisations face the added challenge of meeting GDPR and other regulatory requirements relating to customer and employee data. Our centralised document management solutions can help overcome these challenges allowing your organisation to achieve more, faster.

Key benefits of document management:

  • Centralised and secure document storage
  • Enhanced security and GDPR compliance
  • Consistent version control with multi-user access
  • Quicker search through intelligent indexing
  • Automated approval of documents and workflows

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Document management technology partners we work with

Comprehensive document management requires access to flexible technology that can be tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. This is why we’ve developed partnerships with Hyland and DocuWare, giving your organisation access to the best solutions in the market that can elevate your document management game.

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