21. February 2024

The no-nonsense guide to strategic intelligent automation

Let’s get practical with a hands-on guide to the hot topic of intelligent automation. 

There’s a lot of hype and plenty of buzzwords around in the automation market. But what do they really mean for your organisation? Without a clear understanding of what intelligent automation is and how to deploy it effectively, many function led or IT-led automation projects either fail or don’t provide the benefits set out in the business case.

Avoid the pitfalls by informing yourself about the true potential of intelligent automation for your organisation. This guide has been prepared to help you benchmark your business, identify its unique needs and use intelligent automation to deliver real benefits across your organisation.

This eBook includes:   

  • A self-assessment of your Automation Maturity
  • A checklist of seven key success factors
  • A clear guide on what intelligent automation is and how to deploy it effectively
  • A comprehensive approach to intelligent automation that delivers clear ROI

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