28. February 2023

Webinar: Intelligent Invoice Process Automation

Webinar: Intelligent Invoice Process Automation

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Tuesday, March 28th at 09.30 am 

The global workforce has experienced fundamental changes in the way we work, as a result of Covid 19. These changes have tested business operations in all departments more specifically this has caused major disruptions to the business flows of accounts departments.
Traditionally accounts departments have relied on manual and paper or email based processes. Remote working has exposed the vulnerabilities in manual invoice processing for many organisations. Intelligent Invoice Capture makes critical document processes much more seamless, streamlined, efficient, and accurate.

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to:
  • automatically capture invoices at the point of entry, whether you’re working on site or working remotely.
  • enable remote work while also providing total control of cash, cost and compliance for your organisation.
  • capture early payment discounts and speed up processes while accounts payable work remotely.
  • leverage AP, RPA and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • 3- way match invoices with line level detail against PO and GRN from leading ERP platforms

    Webinar Intelligent Invoice Process Automation
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