28. September 2021

Webinar: Capturing multi lingual invoices - A case study

Webinar: Capturing multi lingual invoices - A case study

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Thursday October 21st 2021 at 10am
Globalisation continues to transform the modern world and shape the way people connect and do business. As companies expand and take advantage of larger, more diverse markets they need to ensure their internal processes and digital strategy is capable of handling such an expansion. Invoice data entry is often the most tedious and time consuming task within the accounts payable process but when the invoice is multilingual this task slows the pace of business.
In this webinar Inpute data capture and process automation experts discuss the importance of multi lingual invoice processing in the the increasingly globalised economy. We explore a recent Inpute success story where a U.S multinational company had a pressing need to automate the invoice capture of up to 250,000 multilingual invoices annually. This webinar will include a demonstration of the capture technology and workflows designed to deliver this project and create better process efficiency.
What you will gain form this webinar:
  • An overview of key trends in data capture
  • A demonstration of capture and workflow technology
  • Insights into recent solution success story
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