Intelligent capture

Extract critical data without lifting a finger. Our automated, intelligent data capture solutions leverage artificial intelligence technologies to classify, collect, re-format and organise key information from paper, electronic documents, mobile devices and other data sources.

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Why intelligent capture?

Data-driven organisations need access to business information that is fully digitised and organised. But manual data capture can create its own inefficiencies, waste and risk. Data entry errors, high labour costs and workflow bottlenecks are just some of the problems that can create friction in your organisation.

As data capture experts, we deliver the human expertise and strategic thinking required to overcome these challenges. We use the latest capture technologies, or Intelligent Document Processing as it is sometimes known in the industry, to automate the extraction of information from documents, images and other physical assets with speed and precision.

Intelligent  capture solutions we deliver

Our automation experts deliver tailored solutions that fit the specific needs of your organisation. At Inpute, we have implemented data capture to intelligently classify, extract, re-format and organise critical business data from many sources unlocking value for our customers. The end result is effortless automation that empowers your people to work at their best.

Capabilites & solutions

Anti-money laundering

Capture and securely store required documentation to validate transactions and stay in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations. 

When financial institutions require documentation and ID verification for business transactions, we quickly provide these assets through secure storage and retrieval of this sensitive information.

Key benefits
  • Protection against money laundering and other forms of fraud
  • Improved compliance
  • Avoidance of transaction and shipping delays for customers
Capabilites & solutions

Case management

A modern case management solution allows a company to seamlessly collect and organise customer service interactions that happen on any channel. Our case management systems make it easy for your people to track each case to resolution with a complete view of all the information they need to complete their work.

Using our technology, you can process claims and other customer-facing activities in a single platform, helping your people to manage cases more effectively and make better business decisions.

Key benefits
  • Increased user productivity, freeing up your people
  • Automated case routing and personalised self-service leading to quicker resolutions
  • End-to-end monitoring and transparency in a single dashboard
Capabilites & solutions

Customs & tax compliance

Ensure customs and tax compliance, even across borders. We help minimise business disruptions resulting from tax audits and other regulatory activity.

Our automation solution uses business rules to accurately capture and store critical data according to your unique compliance requirements and across multiple jurisdictions.

Key benefits
  • Reduced risks related to tax and customs non-compliance
  • Streamlined audit process
  • Improved confidence in your organisation’s regulatory compliance
Capabilites & solutions

Digital mailroom

Centralise postal mail, email, fax and other communications into a single digital location regardless of physical location.

Our digital mailroom solution uses intelligent automation to route communications to the appropriate individuals and departments. No more emails getting lost in individuals’ mailboxes.

Key benefits
  • Digital records of physical mail assets
  • Consolidated communication histories for clients and vendors
  • Faster routing of internal communications
Capabilites & solutions

Intelligent document processing

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to process structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents. It can read and process content in documents like a human, eliminating the need for manual entry and associated errors.

IDP is scalable and can be trained to process one document type (for example: invoices) or it can be trained to ingest 100 different document types (invoices, claims, bank statement, onboarding, receipt, etc.) and process thousands of documents per minute.

Key benefits
  • Skilled reading and data extraction saving employee time
  • Line-item data verification reducing data entry errors
  • Scalability
Capabilites & solutions

Invoice processing & approval

Make invoice processing less stressful. Our intelligent automation solutions streamline accounting processes for our clients. Our solutions speed up the entire accounts payable and receivable lifecycle and reduce potential for human errors.

From data validation, invoice matching and vendor queries, you can set up custom business rules to simplify supplier payments. Easily send and track invoices and spend less time chasing overdue payments. Further efficiencies are unlocked through automated integrations with your sales processing systems and CRM.

Key benefits
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy of invoice processing
  • Tighter control of your debtor book and quicker collections
  • Discounts via early supplier payment
  • Self service potential for your customers and suppliers
Capabilites & solutions

Procure-to-pay (P2P) automation

Automate the entire procurement lifecycle. Our P2P automation suite eliminates manual data entry while streamlining even the most complex transactions.

Our integrated platform makes it easy to assign roles and set approval limits down to the employee level. Create customisable business rules to facilitate faster approvals and better decision-making. 

Key benefits
  • Improved transparency, accountability, and accuracy
  • Better procurement data to inform financial planning
  • Accelerated approval processes
Capabilites & solutions

Records management

Centralised records management consolidates business data to facilitate easier access and reduce the time and expense of tracking down documents and other information.

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing IT environment creating a single repository for content, across multiple departments. Easily get records into the hands of the right people—while also supporting compliance through secure storage and streamlined auditing.

Key benefits
  • Centralised document storage with enhanced GDPR and security compliance
  • Provides multi-user, version controlled access to up-to-date records
  • Eliminates physical storage costs and time wasted searching for information


Whether you're contending with intricate forms, varied application types, or a substantial influx of submissions, eForms can help to provide a seamless application process for end users. Our eForms solutions expedite the processing of applications with remarkable speed and accuracy. The processed information is then directed to application handlers for swift and efficient processing.

Key benefits:

  • Accelerated application processing for end users
  • Lower risk of errors through data validation rules
  • Comprehensive visibility throughout the entire application process

A smarter, safer way to capture data from documents

We don’t just want to improve your digitisation processes. We want to make it easy to reach your organisation’s full potential, where data capture happens effortlessly and information flows seamlessly.

Key benefits of intelligent capture:

  • Eliminate manual data entry and associated errors
  • Accelerate the upfront capture and processing of data
  • Reduce risk related to non-compliance
  • Save costs by reducing operational overheads

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Data capture technology partners we work with

At Inpute, we’re committed to connecting your business with best-fit, best-in-class technologies that help you elevate performance. Our partnerships with Hyland, ABBYY, UiPath and Opentext give your organisation access to some of the world’s leading digitisation and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions.

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Effortless intelligent capture that delivers results

At Inpute, we've delivered results for some of the best known organisations in Ireland and Europe. Our goal is to help these organisations perform at their best by making processes more efficient, accurate and cost effective than ever before.

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Improving customer service and turnaround times for Irish tax payers

in the Office of the Revenue Commissioners

“We chose Inpute because of their experience and because they could provide a full solution; a one-stop shop… it has proven to be a very good, value-for-money solution.”

Pat Hubbard | IC Project Manager, Revenue
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