Customer communications management

Enhance your customer experience through automated, data-driven customer communications management. Our solutions make it easy for your people to personalise customer engagement across multiple channels including letter, email, SMS, social messaging, and more.

Customer communications management

Why customer communications management?

Today’s customers expect responsive communications from organisations, and they want the flexibility to connect and interact across any number of physical and digital channels. When conversations aren’t integrated and tracked across these channels, it can lead to frustrated customers, communication errors, and inefficient performance for sales and other teams.

It’s time to put an end to missteps in your customer communications. Our CCM solutions consolidate communications into a centralised interface while making it easy to interact with customers through their preferred channel. Our experts help you to automate the delivery of frequently created communications to elevate your communications game.

Intelligent data capture solutions we've delivered:

A modern case management solution allows a company to seamlessly collect and organise customer service interactions that happen on any channel. Our case management systems make it easy for your people to track each case to resolution with a complete view of all the information they need to complete their work.


Digital mailroom

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Key benefits
  • Speed up processes
  • Create better business efficiency
  • Reduce processing costs

Improve the quality of customer interactions through intelligent automation

When your organisation is able to automate and integrate communications tasks, your marketing and sales people can spend more of their time understanding and addressing the needs of your customers. As an integrated systems provider, we reduce the time and effort it takes to create individually customised content, making it easy to ‘personalise’ at scale.

Key benefits of CCM:

  • Visibility of all communications in one platform
  • Highly personalised automated messaging
  • Multi-channel communication to suit customer preferences
  • Quickly generate and share frequently created documents

See how customer communications management works in a free demo

Find out how our CCM solution can expand your customer service capabilities while enhancing the quality of your communications. Connect with our CCM experts to test-drive our customer experience solutions.

Communications management partners
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At Inpute, we understand the challenge of attempting to deliver personalised customer communications at scale. Our partnership with Hyland takes the manual labour out of these communications, delivering best-in-class intelligent automation solutions aligned with your organisation’s communication needs and goals.

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Effortless customer communications management that just work

Innovation shouldn’t just unlock new efficiencies and capabilities for your business. It should also help your people reach a flow state where they can perform at their highest level, all of the time. We believe hard work should be easy to achieve, and we bring this mindset into each of our client relationships.

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Improved customer experience with a stable, scalable medical report delivery system

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Immediately, Inpute stood out as a capable solution provider, experts in their field, with a solution that delivered what we were looking for.

Pat Kane | IT Manager, Alliance Medical Group
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