At Inpute, we believe automation should be effortless. A flow state can only be achieved when intelligent automation makes it easy for your organisation to reach its full potential. As your partner in delivering intelligent automation, we create tailored solutions that fit perfectly into your existing systems while expanding your ability to automate business processes. Our harmonised approach allows your people to operate at the edge of their capabilities.

Our integration superpowers

Accelerate your automation capabilities with WorkStream, our integration engine that helps us harmonise your solutions and platforms for greater efficiency and performance. WorkStream gives our experts a Swiss Army knife that enables faster, more robust implementations of our automation solutions, leveraging our years of experience solving similar problems. WorkStream helps individual products perform better while making it easier for business solutions to work together. No matter what kind of connections you need to create, we use Workstream to help your business work better.

Our integration capabilities in real life

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Procure-to-pay (P2P) solution eliminates manual processing
Accounts payable solution enables OCS to go paperless
Over 13k invoices processed automatically each month

Best-in-class partner technology

We only work with the best. Our tailored solutions are built with hand-picked products delivered by our network of best-in-class software partners. We have put these products through their paces to ensure that they are robust, scalable and meet the high standards we demand for our customers. From intelligent data capture to robotic process automation, we help identify and implement solutions that elevate performance across your organisation. Our deep partnerships allow us to get more out of these powerful tools, helping your people perform at their best.

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More about our technology partners

Automation powered by human expertise

Intelligent automation is what we do best. While other providers talk big about their intelligent automation capabilities, our strategic consultants have the in-depth expertise required to really make them work. Artificial intelligence capabilities can help you build automation solutions, but it takes a human expert to diagnose, build and implement systems in alignment with your organisation’s strategy and needs. Our considered approach elevates the impact and delivers results sooner.

Meet our team
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“The system we have now is capable of expanding with our ever growing transaction volumes. No doubt, Inpute are good at what they do."

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Strategic tailored solutions for better performance

There is no ‘one-size-that-fits-all’. We deliver solutions designed to work for your organisation. No matter what kind of technologies and capabilities you need, we identify the best-fit products available from our partners and tailor one-of-a-kind solutions that meet your organisation’s unique challenges and needs. By adding a strategic layer to technology implementation, our in-house experts enhance the fit, value and performance of your intelligent automation solutions.

Our configuration capabilities in real life

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50% reduction in invoice processing time
Central billing system processes over 45k transactions per week
The CSO benefits from a scalable, intelligent data capture solution

Ability to make automation work organisation wide

Unlock the power of intelligent automation across your organisation. From departmental focused point solutions to group-wide platform solutions, we have a comprehensive range of capabilities and the experience to deliver. By tailoring our solutions to the unique requirements of your organisation, our experts create automation solutions that work across all areas of your business, and align easily with your goals. We use automation to change the way your people work, helping your entire company achieve a flow state.

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WorkStream is how we make the magic happen

When it comes to working at your best, the right tools make all the difference. Our unique WorkStream integration engine is the secret sauce that sets us apart, raising the ceiling for what we’re able to help your organisation achieve. From rapid speed of implementation, to value and robust workflow automation, WorkStream reimagines what your people can achieve.

Our experts rely on WorkStream to accelerate automation’s impact for our clients, delivering quantifiable results within weeks, rather than months or years. By using the platform’s prebuilt application components, we’re able to build and deliver tailored intelligent automation solutions that fit your budget, timeline, and performance expectations.

faster project deployment on average
lower implementation costs on average
positive feedback from our clients